Session-Timeout Problem

Matthew Newton mcn4 at
Thu Feb 2 14:08:11 CET 2017

Your mail client's lack of proper quoting makes your responses
*really* hard to read.

On Thu, Feb 02, 2017 at 12:48:14PM +0000, Selahattin Cilek wrote:
> On 02.02.2017 13:45, Brian Candler wrote:
> That's very easy to determine. Use tcpdump / wireshark /
> radsniff to capture all the response from FreeRADIUS.
> - If FreeRADIUS *is* sending the Session-Timeout every time,
> then the bug is in the access point.
> - If FreeRADIUS *isn't* sending the Session-Timeout attribute
> sometimes, then the bug is in FreeRADIUS (or the way you have
> configured it)

> I don't believe FreeRADIUS is supposed to send Session-Timeout
> messages the to NAS, but the other way around.

You don't believe correctly.

You need to do what Brian suggested so you can find out what is

> However, I would point out that there are much better ways of
> achieving your goal than kicking off users every 10 minutes,
> which is highly disruptive.

> No, it is not disruptive. The NAS is not supposed to first
> disconnect and then reconnect the user every 10 minutes, it is
> supposed to send usage statistics and request a
> re-authentication of the user. I have a script that checks
> network usage and decides whether or not to allow the user to be
> re-authenticated: Exec-Program-Wait = /usr/local/bin/bash
> /usr/local/etc/raddb/scripts/ scilek
> I need to keep track of network usage using FreeRADIUS and MySQL.

The stats you want should come in the Accounting Interim-Updates,
as Brian said.

You don't *need* to kick everyone off every 10 minutes.

> A NAS based solution will not work because I will have to
> configure each and every NAS on each and every site. What if I'd
> like to use some other NAS some other day?

Then you configure it. Like you have to configure everything you

But as to the original problem - look at the FreeRADIUS -X debug
output to see what is happening. Otherwise everyone is just


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