Session-Timeout Problem

Brian Candler b.candler at
Thu Feb 2 15:54:46 CET 2017

On 02/02/2017 14:40, Alan DeKok wrote:
>> Who is supposed to inform who when the session is over?
>    FreeRADIUS, via Session-Timeout.
For clarity: FreeRADIUS says at the *start* of the session that the time 
limit is 10 minutes.

But when that time is over - or sooner if the user terminates the 
session - it is the NAS which sends an Accounting-Stop packet. Assuming 
the user then tries to re-establish their session, the NAS will also 
send a fresh Access-Request.

So it is the NAS which informs FreeRADIUS of the end of the session, and 
also that the user wants to start a new session.

>> Is the NAS supposed to keep track of this and inform FreeRADIUS, or the other way around?
>    The NAS knows the session timeout only because it's sent in a RADIUS packet.

And again for clarity, it is the NAS's responsibility to enforce the 
session limit, i.e. to actually disconnect the user after 10 minutes.

It's then a by-product of session termination that it sends the 
Accounting-Stop packet.

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