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Chris Taylor (chtaylo2) chtaylo2 at cisco.com
Fri Feb 3 02:05:13 CET 2017

Thanks, however I’ve tried that before and received errors. Here I’ve tried two ways, both failing:


(0) ERROR: [Source: %{NAS-IP-Address}] [Proxy: %{proxy:Packet-Dest-IP-Address}]

(0) ERROR:                                       ^ Unknown module


(2) ERROR: [Source: %{NAS-IP-Address}] [Proxy: %{Packet-Dest-IP-Address}]

(2) ERROR:                                       ^ Unknown attribute





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    On Feb 2, 2017, at 6:24 PM, Chris Taylor (chtaylo2) <chtaylo2 at cisco.com> wrote:


    > 1.)     Is it possible to log the home_server which proxied a connection? 



    > Log today: 


    > radiusd[22590]: (436) Login OK: [Radius-ACE-Prob at REMOTE] (from client Radius-ACE-Prob port 0) [Source:]


      See raddb/radiusd.conf.  Look for "msg_goodpass"


      You can add %{proxy:Packet-Dest-IP-Address} there along with other text. 


    > I’d like to be able to log --> [Proxy: home_server_A].


    > If not possible there, how about in 


    > post-proxy {


    > post_proxy_log  


      You can do that with the linelog module, and %{proxy:Packet-Dest-IP-Address}.


      Alan DeKok.




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