Accounting Packets and Anonymous Identity

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On 05.02.2017 01:44, Adam Bishop wrote:
> On 4 Feb 2017, at 21:45, Selahattin Cilek <selahattin_cilek at> wrote:
>> Yes, I know. I know I can't prevent them from configuring their own
>> machines as they like. That is not what I am asking.
> I'm not sure what you're asking then. The username is logged as "anonymous" because the user has typed in "anonymous". FreeRADIUS logs what the NAS and the client send.
> If you don't accounting packets to contain "anonymous" you can:
>   * reject their authentication.
>   * configure your NAS to send something more meaningful
> There's no secret SQL query - if the user sends "anonymous", and your NAS is configured to use that "anonymous" in accounting, then FreeRADIUS will log "anonymous", and any SQL query will return "anonymous".
That is what I wanted to know, thank you. The NAS is a Unifi AP and does 
not let me configure EAP behaviour. It is not very successful in RADIUS 
accounting. Since I can't make the NAS behave the way I want, my only 
option is to configure RADIUS to the best of my ability.
> If explain your problem further (e.g. why is correlating the Calling-Station-ID in accounting logs to the one in your auth log insufficient) people can probably help further - but you've given precious little information.
The problem is that if RADIUS does not know who is using how much, it 
wont be able to keep track of network usage and therefore enforce 
quotas. Somehow, I need to find out what the true user name is. What can 
I do with a packet labelled "anonymous"? I made a promise to the owner 
of the site, but have failed to deliver because of the NAS.
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