Problem setting eduroam

Stefan Paetow Stefan.Paetow at
Wed Feb 8 13:33:15 CET 2017

>I have some problems setting up eduroam. I am in charge of CS department
>inside my university.

Are you in charge of the eduroam servers of your university? It sounds
like you aren't?

>CS department network and university network are not connected,
>futhermore they both refer to the national eduroam gateway for
>authentication (for historical reason, there is no hierarchy).

That sounds like whoever is in charge of your CS network treats any
authentications that come in from the national proxy as visitors and hence
they are not allowed on to your CS network.

>How can I check why I cannot authenticate? It could be 2 reasons:
>- I do not proxy properly to the national eduroam gateway
>- my university side of eduroam is not receiving/answering to the
>authenication requests coming from upper level.

>I have no credential outside of my CS department and university that I
>can use for testing.

Given that both university and CS networks refer to the national proxy,
that should be enough. Use eapol_test (read to do a test
authentication to your CS-level eduroam server, and see what response you
get. If you get an access-accept, it means that authentication *does*
succeed at your university-level eduroam server.

I would suggest running your CS-level eduroam server in debug mode for
this, so that you can see what happens. If you get an access-reject
returned from the proxy (the national level one), then yes, have a word
with the person in charge of your university-level eduroam server to check.


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