Problem with backslash in User-Name

Brian Candler b.candler at
Fri Feb 10 09:21:33 CET 2017

On 09/02/2017 22:14, Alan DeKok wrote:
> On Feb 9, 2017, at 5:08 PM, Marco Scholl<mail at>  wrote:
>> i have a problem with 3.0.12 and User-Name.
>> I send a request with domain name included in User-Name:
>> radtest -t mschap "test\radius" radius localhost 1 testing123
>    That's the problem.
>    The shell is looking at the string "test\radius", and converting the \r to CR.
>    You need to do:
> 	radtest -t mschap "test\\radius" radius localhost 1 testing123
I don't think it's the shell which is doing this; bash doesn't convert 
\r even in double quotes.

$ echo "test\radius"

However, tcpdump *does* show that by the time the RADIUS packet has been 
sent, it has been turned into CR:

# radtest -t mschap "test\radius" radius localhost 1 testing123
Sent Access-Request Id 155 from to length 136
     User-Name = "test\radius"

     0x0030:  010c 7465 7374 0d61 6469 7573 0406 7f00 ..test.adius....

So I think what's happening is that radtest is sending

     User-Name = "test\radius"

to radclient on stdin, and then radclient is converting \r to CR.

Ideally radtest would escape \ to \\. Since it doesn't, you need to pass 
two real backslashes to radtest. You can do this using either:

radtest -t mschap "test\\\\radius" ...   # with double-quotes

radtest -t mschap 'test\\radius'   ...   # with single-quotes

Both of these will generate the string  t e s t \ \ r a d i u s



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