Problems with eap certificate and MacOS

Marco Scholl mail at
Wed Feb 15 11:13:38 CET 2017


i have a problem EAP. I have a root ca for our company with an intermediate ca.
Now i have generate an certificate for the radius server with EAP OIDs (,

Then i have installed our root ca as trusted for all type (eap, smime, webserver ....). When i now connect by wlan or cable to the freeradius,
i got an server certificate error. But when i open the dialog for confirmation, i see our root ca als trusted, i see the intermediate
as trustend and i see the radius certificate as trust!

every connect i must accept the certificate for new. anybody an idea?

when i use an normal webserver certificate from a public ca the problem not exists, after i confirm the certificate on first try.

greets marco

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