Removing unused SQL drivers

Arran Cudbard-Bell a.cudbardb at
Wed Feb 15 13:15:38 CET 2017

We’re starting to investigate moving rlm_sql to the new async I/O model.

The main benefits being:
- Significant increase in TPS where DB benefits from increased parallelism, or RTT to the database is high.
- FreeRADIUS no longer appears to “hang” when databases go away (it doesn’t actually hang, but all the worker threads get tied up until they time out).
- In the hanging (not hanging) scenario, we can drain the incoming packet queue to detail files without “hiccups” (where the inbound packet queue fills)
  waiting for stale connections to close or queries to time out.

Ongoing discussion on GitHub is here:

Questions for users are:
- Does anyone still use DB2?  It’s virtually undocumented and it’s not clear if it has an async interface.
- Does anyone still use Firebird?  Is there any disadvantage in using it via ODBC.
- Is there still value in maintaining IODBC compatibility?  It seems to lack many features of UnixODBC.  Previously IODBC was included in OSX Lion,
  so it was useful to keep around.  It’s since been removed however, and UnixODBC can be installed with hombrew.


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