simultaneous use

Bill Schoolfield bill at
Mon Jan 2 20:25:47 CET 2017

I have a client that wanted his customers limited to a single 
connection. So I implemented:

mysql> select * from radgroupcheck;
| id | groupname          | attribute        | op | value |
|  1 | Package2MB         | Simultaneous-Use | := | 1 |

After some time and 100's of subscribers he now wants on a case by case 
(ie user) basis to allow multiple simultaneous sessions.

I thought I just add Simultaneous-Use to radcheck for those users and 
use the "appropriate" operators.

I can't seem to get this to work. I'm trying to avoid dropping the use 
of radgroupcheck and adding the Simultaneous-Use radcheck attribute to 
all users.

Is this possible? What operators do I use? I used '=' in radgroupcheck 
and that succeeded in allowing the radcheck item to "override" the 
radgroupcheck item but the check fails if no radcheck item exists (as 
will be the case in many instances).


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