FreeRADIUS KPI Counter

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Thanks for the information, Do you mean FreeRADIUS does support RFC2619“RADIUS Authentication Server MIB”? it will be great.


Chen Jiang

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 On Jan 7, 2017, at 2:51 AM, chenjiang chenjiang at wrote:   Hi! Experts    Sorry for disturbing. we need monitor our FreeRADIUS system health but wonder where could we find theFreeRADIUS KPI Counters? such as authentication request per Sec/Min/Hrs, succeful authentication per Sec/Min/Hrs, failed authentication per Sec/Min/Hrs for example. No. FreeRADIUS provides the RFCs MIB counters, and a few others. The MIB / statistics system is responsible for deriving other metrics from that. Alan DeKok. - List info/subscribe/unsubscribe? See

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