Permission Denied buffered Sql

Arnab Roy arnabroy at
Tue Jan 10 21:10:20 CET 2017

   Hi Alan,

   Ok just so that I have it clear in my head did you mean the buffered
   sql server supports post-auth update i.e. I can define in

   post-auth {

   statement in the buffered sql virtual server and then add detail in

   Post-Auth-Type REJECT {

   Like so and it will update sql on a buffered basis or you are simply
   referring to

   Post-Auth-Type REJECT {

   Apologies before hand I am very new to FR and still getting my head
   around to all the structure etc.

   Many Thanks

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   Subject: Re: Permission Denied buffered Sql
   > On Jan 10, 2017, at 2:22 PM, Arnab Roy <arnabroy at> wrote:
   > Thank you for pushing me in the right direction much appreciated.
   > ok now one colleagues had changed the file permissions in the detail
   > module :( ..
   It always help to know what you're doing.
   > As a secondary question it seems its not capable of logging post-auth
   > detail log such as a reject ? Is is not supported ?
   Yes. See "Post-Auth-Type Reject". Put modules in there, and they will
   be run on Access-Reject.
   > We have a need to
   > log all access requests including rejects into the db , just scared
   > that it will tank FR when put into production as Mysql will struggle
   > keep up with it so didnt directly want to call sql.
   If it's ~100 packets/s, MySQL should keep up.
   Alan DeKok.
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