Script execute if all Proxies are dead

Chris Taylor (chtaylo2) chtaylo2 at
Sat Jan 21 01:06:09 CET 2017

Thank you!  I should have made clearer, the home servers were not unresponsive, only the radiusd server thought they were.  We have other servers in rotation which were working fine at the time.

Appreciate the feedback. I’ll get upgrade to v3 on the books.

Have a good weekend

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    On Jan 20, 2017, at 4:25 PM, Chris Taylor (chtaylo2) <chtaylo2 at> wrote:
    > We’re using freeradius-2.2.6-6.el6_7    to proxy inbound radius requests to home servers.
      Please upgrade.  2.2.6 is 3 years old, and there have been fixes to the v2 branch.
      Maybe there's a fix in v2.2.9, in which case you can upgrade to that without changing anything.
      Otherwise, upgrade to v3.  It's the currently supported version.
    > Works great, until last night when we found all home servers were erroring in the log file. 
    > Jan 19 21:48:55 proxy-server radiusd[17073]: No response to status check 16506 for home server port 1812
      If the home servers are unresponsive, there isn't much you can do.  Tho v2.2.9 has fixes to proxying which may help.
    > After this was noticed, we restarted the radiusd service on, and it fixed the issue.   My question is, any suggestions on how we could kick a shell script if the status check determines all home servers are down at a given point?
      Why?  FreeRADIUS should Do The Right Thing.  i.e.
    > I’d like to have it restart the service, in an attempt to self-heal. 
      That's a bad work-around to a potential bug in the server.  Why not fix the underlying problem?
      Alan DeKok.
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