Windows 8.1 Wi-Fi client handshake failure REVISITED

Muenz, Michael m.muenz at
Sun Jan 22 20:56:52 CET 2017

Am 22.01.2017 um 10:05 schrieb ChoongHotmail Kim:
> Hello.
> I've been having issues with my Windows 8.1 laptop as well as my Windows
> 10 laptop when trying to connect to my FreeRADIUS server via EAP-TTLS.
> My FreeRADIUS server is running on an Asus RT-AC68U router and was
> installed and configured per the instructions on
> .  My problem is identical to the issue reported on
> , and unfortunately, the thread ended without any resolution.  I was
> hoping to find any advice with regards to resolving this particular
> use-case as I started as Mr. Rowe has by setting the "cipher-list"
> attribute to "ALL" as well as checking the installed status of my
> certificates.  I am only having issues with the handshake when trying to
> connect with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, but have none when connecting
> via Android.  For reference, I've a sanitized version of the output for
> radius -XX when successfully connecting via my Android device.  Thank you.
I had similar issues and they were gone after updating FR to version 3.
Also check any kind of "features" which seems to be vendor specific.
E.g. with Sophos there was "Fast Transmit" which causes my Windows to 
break but was fine with Android/Linux supplicant.


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