Proposal for online users

Haviaras Kostas koshalirod at
Mon Jan 23 15:23:34 CET 2017

>> On Jan 23, 2017, at 8:10 AM, Haviaras Kostas <[hidden email]
>> Thanks for your response, Alan DeKok, my point is that I want to have
>> at the online users. When let's say the online users is 100, to reject
>> every new request.
>  My point is that the information you need is in the SQL database.  Use
an SQL SELECT >statements to count the number of online users, and then
reject the new one if there's more than >100 online.
> FreeRADIUS does *not* provide you with a pre-packaged solution to every
single thing you want >to do.  It has solutions for most common cases (e.g.
accounting in radacct).
>  If you want a custom solution, you need to understand all of the pieces,
and then design / build >the solution yourself.
> Alan DeKok.

I totaly agree with you, I only want your advice based on your experience,
is better to develop my own module or to modify the exist (sql).

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