FR3.0.12 and detail listener with Access-Requests

Peter Lambrechtsen peter at
Thu Jan 26 04:41:53 CET 2017

I'm looking to do some offloading of processing using the detail file

When I write a Access-Request packet using the detail module then attempt
to use a new virtual server / site to pick up the detail file and then
process it.

Accounting packets are processed fine with the detail, but if I log an
Access-Request then it never gets processed.

server update {

        #  Read accounting packets from the detail file(s) for
        #  the home server.
        listen {
                type = detail
                filename = "${radacctdir}/detail.update/detail-*:*"
                load_factor = 10
        authorize {

But the authorize section never gets touched.

detail (/log/radius/radacct/detail.update/detail-*:*): Polling for detail
detail (/log/radius/radacct/detail.update/detail-*:*): Renaming
/log/radius/radacct/detail.update/detail-20170126:16:29 ->
detail (/log/radius/radacct/detail.update/detail-*:*): Read packet from
        Packet-Type = Access-Request
        ENV = "DEV"
Waking up in 4.5 seconds.
detail (/log/radius/radacct/detail.update/detail-*:*): Unlinking
detail (/log/radius/radacct/detail.update/detail-*:*): Polling for detail

Any ideas what I am doing wrong or was the detail reader only designed to
parse Accounting not Access-Request/Accept logged events?

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