Windows mobile unable to authenticate [FreeRadius+Active directory]

Burn Zero burnzerog at
Fri Jul 7 06:40:43 CEST 2017

>For the benefit of future users with same issues who come across this
>mailing list thread after a Google search it would be nice if you briefly
>noted what the issue was that fixed your clients in case they have similar
>issues (though it's good to know that the default config works! :) )

Yea, the default config just works :)

Regarding the fix its just a simple config edit but it took longtime
to find out because my production config was working with Apple and
Android except windows phone.

So after comparing the default inner-tunnel file with the production
inner-tunnel file,


in the authorize section this was commented, but then I removed the
comment and enabled it.

    eap {
      ok = return

 Then in the authenticate section, I added mschap again before the eap.

  authenticate {

    Auth-Type MS-CHAP {


This modification worked.

Thank you.

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