MySQL DB and /n in Cisco-AVPair problem

Andy Smith a.smith at
Thu Jul 20 00:04:57 CEST 2017

On 19-07-2017, Alan DeKok wrote:

> Where do you see this?  The debug output?

Hi Alan, 

  Im seeing this in "RADIUS Server reply" from NTRadPing 

The difference (again in the output in NTRadPing) for Tunnel-Password
is, 1.x: 




The passwords are clear text in the DB, I mentioned this as its another
thing that is different but I'm not sure its an issue. As I said, on
both 1.x and 3.x I get responce access accepted in NTRadPing. The \n on
the other hand I suspect may be an issue as the Cisco documention
specifies that the AVPair should end with \n and it does not on the
3.0.14 server, 

thanks, Andy.

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