TCP - FR3 client/server connection timeout

Edelberto Franco esilva at
Thu Jul 20 23:19:56 CEST 2017

With TCP/TLS I have a curious comportment
Imagine this scenario:

# server : port
case (1) FR3:33001 -> radsecproxy:2083
case (2) radsecproxy: 44001 -> FR3:2083

For case (1) FR3 is the client, and radsecproxy is the server. Case (2) 
shows FR3 as a server of radsecproxy for TCP/TLS connections.

In case (1) FR3 TCP connection always keeps ESTABLISHED with 
radsecproxy, but in case (2) FR3 closes its connection with radsecproxy 
(client) after less than 1 minute (sending a FIN, normal...).

So, is it possible to set FR3 to don't send FIN and close the TCP 
connection with radsecproxy client?

Thank you,


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