user group allowed just a specific device.

Kalil de A. Carvalho kalilac at
Wed Jul 26 15:09:57 CEST 2017

Hello all.

I'm running a FreeRADIUS which search user groups on the LDAP and permid or
denny the access. Every think works fine but now I'm needing a new kind of
restriction. There is a user group that they just can access some specific
defice. So what I want is put this configuration to work. What I think:

Is this configuration is possible?

Is this configuration is made on user file?

Today my enviroment is working but the user group has access on all device.
If I put the this new group, ou users, on the same where is working they
will have access to all equipament and this is not what is needed.

Bast regards.

Kalil de A. Carvalho

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