Version 3.0.14 has been released

Brian Julin BJulin at
Mon Jun 5 22:57:13 CEST 2017

Alan DeKok wrote:

>  I try not to do releases on a Friday, but this one may be useful.


>   This release fixes a crash in session resumption seen by a few people.  It also fixes an issue where it was possible to convince the server to do session resumption, even if the underlying session 
> had not finished authentication.

>  Everyone should either upgrade, or set "enable = no" in the EAP "cache" section.

Worth pointing out in case anyone forgets to read the above release notes

You will have to set up a persist_dir to get fast reauth working again,
as the in-server cache is now disabled.  Read the new comments in
mods-available/eap near the tls-common/cache subsection.

Note for SELinux systems, the default for persist_dir in mods-available/eap
is currently: "${logdir}/tlscache"

It might make sense to change this to:

persist_dir = "${db_dir}/tlscache"

...where ${db_dir} is usually /var/lib/radiusd

...and then set the tlscache directory up under /var/lib/radiusd/ rather
than /var/log/radiusd, because radiusd_var_lib_t policy is already the way
you want it.

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