add attribute with radsecproxy => wrong value at freeradius

Michael Baye excelsio at
Tue Jun 6 16:08:31 CEST 2017

   - within radsecproxy.conf you can add simple rewrite rules with
   "addVendorAttribute <vendor>:<attribute>:<value>"
   with all numerical values just like with the other attribute
   configuration options.
   rewrite miktest {
           addVendorAttribute 14988:27:2000
           addVendorAttribute 14988:26:0
   - When I radtest with a client, I get:
   Received Access-Accept
   Mikrotik_Wireless_VLANIDtype = 842018864
   Attr-26.14988.26 = 0x30

   => So, the number 2000 is transformed into 842018864 and 0 is
   transformed into 0x30.
   => My question is: Why is it transformed and how can I stop this?
   Looking at /usr/share/freeradius/dictionary.mikrotik:
   ATTRIBUTE       Mikrotik_Wireless_VLANID                26      integer
   ATTRIBUTE       Mikrotik_Wireless_VLANIDtype            27      integer

   If would be great if someone could give some hints

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