Freeradius acct_unique module unavailable in OpenWrt

Boudraa Cheikh bcheikh26 at
Tue Jun 20 15:16:08 CEST 2017


I'm running Openwrt CHAOS CALMER (15.05.1, r48532) on my linksys WRT1900AC V1 (mamba - mvebu platform).

I have installed freeradius server version 2.2.8, i'm facing troubles with the acct unique session id which is all the time empty:

rlm_sql_mysql: MYSQL check_error: 1062 received
[sql] Couldn't insert SQL accounting STOP record - Duplicate entry '' for 
key 'acctuniqueid'
rlm_sql_mysql: MYSQL check_error: 1062 received
rlm_sql_mysql: Cannot store result
rlm_sql_mysql: MySQL error 'Duplicate entry '' for key 'acctuniqueid''
rlm_sql (sql): Released sql socket id: 9
++[sql] = fail
+} # group accounting = fail
Finished request 21.
Cleaning up request 21 ID 5 with timestamp +1271
Going to the next request
Ready to process requests.
Reading the freeradius mailing list it seems that the only solution is to use the "acct_unique" module which is not available for download using the opkg install tool from OpenWrt console. I beg any one who have this package (ipk already compiled for the mvebu platform) or he have the OpenWrt build system and he can cross compile this module to help me sort my issue by helping me to get this module for my platform.

Any other alternative solutions to sort out this problem using shell scripting call from the freeradius daemon are welcome

Kind regards

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