Execute external script triggered by accounting request

Leandro ingrogger at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 22:02:00 CEST 2017

Hi guys , I need to take device ip from accounting request packet, use 
this ip to run external script to grab some device parameters via ping 
and snmp.
Im working on two methods , both have cons and advantages.

1st Method: "perl module."
So far I have the module working with a testing script but when I want 
to exec net::ping module it yelds that root privileges are needed.
I tried "usermod -G root radiusd" to provide radiusd root privileges but 
have not success.
Other consequence of this method could be to get a very large delay 
considering that every devices takes 5~7 secs to process and send the 
response back, so I think that it would be good also to run this 
external script in background.

2nd Method " Tail the raddacct file"
I can use a perl tail process to grab the "Framed_ip_address" from the 
accounting log file and execute the snmp and ping queries from outside 
the radius process
Principal advantage could be that Im not adding extra delay to the 
radius accounting process.
I wanted to know if is possible to change the accounting  logging 
behaviour in the following way:
     Write always to /var/log/messages file (currently it writes to 
detail-YYYYMMDD file).
     Select the fields and write them horizontally instead of writting 
them in column format.

Any idea would be wellcome.

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