Delegated-IPv6-Prefix & sqlippool

maxime.gerges at maxime.gerges at
Wed Jun 28 22:28:28 CEST 2017

Hello folks,

I am currently checking for the possibility of using the sqlippool 
module to assign dynamically delegated IPv6 Prefixes.

I found out that there is an option in the module to activate the IPv6 
support and start assigning IPv6 address as well as traditional IPv4, 
but this option is only handling the creation of reply attribute 

 From the module's code on github, I also confirm that sqlippool doesn't 
seem to be ready to handle Delegated-IPv6-Prefix attribute.

Does anybody know if this option might be interesting to be integrated 
in the code ? Is there any plan to add such option ?

For information we are currently assigning Delegated IPv6 prefixes to 
customer thanks to an entry per customer in the radreply table and are 
copying the job of the sqlippool in an algorithm outside of the radius 
We do have a pool of available prefixes in an external database - when a 
customer subscribes we are picking up a prefix and populate it in the 
radreply - when the customer unsubscribe we are deleting the radreply 
entry and make the prefix available again in our external database.

Many thanks for your replies.


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