Delegated-IPv6-Prefix & sqlippool

maxime.gerges at maxime.gerges at
Thu Jun 29 09:07:59 CEST 2017

>>> We do have a pool of available prefixes in an external database - 
>>> when a customer subscribes we are picking up a prefix and populate it 
>>> in the radreply - when the customer unsubscribe we are deleting the 
>>> radreply entry and make the prefix available again in our external 
>>> database.
>>  It may be better to write a new module.  Just copy the sqlippool, and 
>> make a new one which is better-suited for Delegated-IPv6-prefixes.
> Though such a major change should not be merged into v3.0.x.  Just
> making the output attribute selectable is a relatively small patch and
> probably much easier.
> They’re both v6 prefix types, so there’s no advantage in duplicating
> all that logic.

Thanks both for your feedback!

I will try to patch the sqlippool module to add the support of assigning 
IPv6 Prefix Delegation (PD). In order to design the patch I will need 
the following answers if possible :

1. How is the allocation of both IPv4 and IPv6 address handled ? By this 
I was wondering if a user has 2 VP 'Pool-Name' defined, will the 
sqlippool run twice ? As an example a user might have a first VP 
'Pool-Name := pool_ipv4' for the IPv4 address allocation and a 'VP 
Pool-Name := pool_ipv6' for the IPv6 address  allocation.

2. Is it even possible to have several Pool-Name VP for a user ?


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