Version 3.0.13 has been released

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Mar 6 19:16:51 CET 2017

  After a bit of a delay, we're happy to announce that 3.0.13 has been released.  Change log follows:

Feature improvements
* Add dictionary.rfc7930.  Note that we do not implement
  the RFC.
* Added 'cipher_server_preference' to mods-available/eap
  Patch from #1797.
* OpenSSL 1.1.0 compatibility fixes.
* rlm_perl: radiusd::xlat to evaluate xlat string
  within perl script
* Allow authentication retry in winbind. Patch from
  Herwin Weststrate. See raddb/mods-available/mschap.
* Added "recv-coa" method to rlm_rest.  It behaves the
  same as "authorize".
* Document Trust Router tr_port option.  Patch from
  Stefan Paetow.
* Update elasticsearch/logstash examples so that they work
  with elastic stack v5.  Patch from Matthew Newton.
* Print information about packets, replies, and contents
  in the detail file reader.
* Update abfab-tr policy.  Pull request #1893
  from Stefan Paetow.
* Reject packets which contain User-Password and
* Add example for filtering Access-Challenge.
  See sites-enabled/default.
* Pull symlink fixes from v4.0.x.  Fixes #1859.
* Add systemd reload.  Not everything is reloaded, but
  some is.  Fixes #1662.
* Better documentation for listen "ipaddr".  Fixes #1921
* Add dictionary.cnergee, updated dictionary.nomadix.
* radclient no longer needs -x to print statistics with -s.

Bug fixes
* Minor typos.  Fixes #1763
* Fix typo in RPM build.  Closes #1767.
* rlm_mschap check for password expiry only
  if password was correct.  Fixes #1762.
* Update debian build.
* update rlm_counter "man" page.  Fixes #1775.
* Remove erroneous assert.  Fixes #1778.
* fix mschap password change test.  Fixes #1792.
* Cleanup config file on data remove.  Fixes #1795.
* passwd module returns "notfound" if not found.
* Check for old OpenSSL, and don't build rlm_eap_fast
  if it necessary.  Fixes #1803
* Cleanup memory better after ldap version query.
  Patch from Aleksey Katargin.
* Rename lt_* functions to avoid linker issues with
  libtool.  Fixes #1277
* Many miscellaneous fixes and typos.
* Allow long strings in %{%{foo} bar:-%{baz} blah".
  Fixes #1866
* Fix filtering operators, along with more documentation and
  more tests for them.
* Fix OpenSSL fixes.  Fixes #1876.
* Finish SQL select queries even when SELECT returns no rows.
  Fixes #1879.
* Set Module-Failure-Message for more EAP errors.
* Correct typo in dictionary.rfc5580.  Fixes #1882
* Remove obselete systemd
* Client-Port-Balance load-balancing now uses client port.
* Radrelay examples fixed from Alex Clouter.
* Update systemd target.  Pull request #1896.
* Trim starting whitespace in xlat strings.
* Get MySQL result lengths using normal API.
* suid down after fchown().  Fixes #1914.
* Fix cases of comparing pointer to NUL character.  Fixes #1915.
* OpenSSL v1.1 fixes.  Pull request #1921.
* Better Handle v4/v6 host names.  Pull request #1919.
* Remove "Auth-Type = System" from docs and examples.
* Don't crash on malformed %{home_server}.  Fixes #1922
* fix erroneous use of talloc destructor in rlm_eap
* Issue trigger  Fixes #1923
* Document python_path gotcha's.  Fixes #1845
* dlopen() the specific version of Python.  Fixes #1592

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