Send user notification on data usage

Sachin Yadav sachin0235 at
Tue Mar 14 14:44:55 CET 2017

Dear All,
We are using freeradius to control our WiFi hotspot. We have implemented FUP limits for users based on day/week/month.<br/>
Now, we want to send a user notification if the user has used - let's say 80% of daily allowed limit, informing that data is about to finish, in the form of email/sms.<br/>
I have 2 ways to implement it -<br/>
1. Some hook at freedaius side which can look at consumption in interim updates and based on logic call a webservice(or anything else) which will further take care of notification sending part.<br/>
2. Have a bot which will constantly read on radacct table and will send notification if required.<br/>
I am more inclined towards approach 1 as it would be a neat and fast way of doing it. Reading a highly transaction table such as radacct is no good idea. Kindly suggest.

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