FR 3.0.13 "swallowing" Requests when acting as a home server?

Martin Pauly pauly at
Thu Mar 30 10:46:46 CEST 2017


apart from the Debian package issues reported earlier,
I ran into another problem which  I'm pretty sure
can be attributed to some change between 3.0.12 and 3.0.13.

After I had worked around the Debian package issues (on Jessie)
and installed 3.0.13, I found proxied requests from my
"border server" to NOT show up in the home server
-- but only every now and then. Due to the intermittent
nature of that problem and because we have two servers
of each kind for redundancy, it took me some time to
realize what was going on. So after more than a week
of intermittent, short-lived failures, I first migrated
the home servers back to 3.0.12. That moment, the
problem was gone. Meanwhile the border servers are back
to 3.0.12, too, and things have remained well.
The _only_ thing I changed during the 3.0.13 period
  was a Samba/winbind security update which had no
visible effect.

Sorry for this pretty superficial report, but right now
I do not have the time to set up a test environment
where I could test the current development versions from git.


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