Install freeradius3.0.12 on ubuntu´s systemd and enable it on startup

Paulo Rodrigues paulo.rodrigues07 at
Mon May 8 15:32:12 CEST 2017

Hi to everyone,

I have a FreeRadius server (v3.0.12) running in my network (on a Ubuntu 16.04) and everything is fine.

The only problem I am facing at the moment is to enable it in systemd to init on startup. I built it from source

and copy the file rc.radiusd from /usr/local/sbin to /etc/init.d/radiusd to let it works with systemctl commands.

I noticed that there are some files in the freeradius-3.0.12 folder (freeradius-3.0.12/debian) but I do not know how to

install them in systemd.

Can somebody help me to install freeradius-3.0.12 on systemd (build from source on ubuntu 16.04) and enable

it on startup?

Best regards,


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