freeradius-3.0: Using EAP-Type in post-auth processing

Felix Tiede lists at
Wed May 10 20:38:08 CEST 2017

Am Mittwoch, 10. Mai 2017, 19:58:30 CEST schrieben Sie:
> i'm going to guess that its because you've left the type unconstrained
> and thus its trying to do something silly like match
> a value/variable that doesnt exist
> if(&EAP-Type == "PEAP") {
> }

/etc/raddb/policy.d/vlan-id[5]: Parse error in condition
/etc/raddb/policy.d/vlan-id[5]: (&EAP-Type == "EAP-TLS") {
/etc/raddb/policy.d/vlan-id[5]:               ^ Failed to parse value for 

Doesn't work either.
And I seem to remember I tried that as well.

> the 'skipping' is a sign that its optimising out the condition..


An engineer is someone who does list processing in FORTRAN.

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