radmin metrics

Michael Hocke mh103 at nyu.edu
Thu May 11 22:58:27 CEST 2017

Hi everybody,

I wrote a shell script that gives me RADIUS stats in the same fashion as iostat or vmstat. In order to do so I keep running ‘radmin -e “stats client auth”’ every few seconds and parse the output. I’ve got a few questions about radmin stats:

- Does the repeated use of radmin impact the server’s performance in any way, i.e. does it skew the collected metrics in any way?
- What exactly is the meaning of the “dropped” metric, or better, under what circumstance is a request dropped within the server?
- Am I correct to assume that the ‘elapsed.*’ metrics count the number of transaction that took a certain amount of time? Would this be the elapsed time between receiving an Accept-Request and the appropriate reply?

Thanks you very much in advance!

- Michael

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