launching freeradius from another program

Eugene Grosbein fr at
Sat May 20 10:25:20 CEST 2017

20.05.2017 5:29, Bill Schoolfield пишет:
> Maybe the wrong forum for this. Has anyone ever gotten freeradius to launch from another executable successfully? I have a cgi written in C that starts and stops radius (as well as populates tables, etc.). I can get it to work but no matter what I do I can't seem to keep it from generating a zombie process for the cgi (when starting; stopping is OK)
> The cgi does a fork and exec of a process and that child process does in turn a fork and exec of a radius launch script. Overly complicated but that's the nature of our system (cgi handles general form processing, first child does various tasks for freeradius; one of which is starting and stopping the server). If I substitute another process I don't get the zombie.

Zombies hanging aroung generally means that parent process of the zombie is guilty:
it does not call any of wait*() family functions to reap zombie.
It is solely parent's responsibility to do so.

Generally, if parent dies without call for wait() for its child,
an operating system cleans for it. But not before that.

You should fix parent process.

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