cucm and ip phones

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Thanks for the reply, but I already figured it out.  But I'm stuck with a problem in the switch. I opened a thread at cisco forums, but they haven't solved it, perhaps you can help?

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>In this case you need to configure eap module to authenticate those phones using md5 and supply password (that is configured on the phone) in control:Cleartext-Password attribute in authorize section of radiusd.conf before calling eap module.

On 28.09.2017 12:22, Vacheslav wrote:
> Thanks for the valuable information,
>   and  I have 3905, and it turns they use eap-md5 authentication. From the documentation, I understood that the shared secret is the one configured on the cisco nas, but it didn't work. Is it some other secret password and where is it configured?
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> Hi.
>> Cisco IP phones (all modern) have Manufacturer Installed Certificate (MIC) so you can authenticate them using EAP-TLS.
> You need to import their crcam* cert chains into your FreeRADIUS 
> installation from
> On 25.09.2017 14:52, Vacheslav wrote:
>> Peace, I configured my ip phones to use mab, but I read that with Radius it is possible to authenticate capable ip phones with tls.
>> I searched the internet on how to do it but found almost nothing.
>> Should I import the created self signed certificates from the freeradius server to the cucm? Or is that I have to export the cucm certificates to the cert directory of the freeradius server?
>> Anyone has experience in configuring cucm with dot1x?
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