Cannot use syslog

Olivier Olivier.Nicole at
Tue Oct 3 10:14:43 CEST 2017

Alan Buxey <alan.buxey at> writes:

> Do you have the usual special file handlers in place for syslog as per
> usual chroot Daemon requirements?

Thank you. What I believed ro be radiusd talking to syslog over network
was in fact  the local syslog talking to the central syslog server.

Once I added syslog socket in the chroot environment, it works.

Best regards,


> Use strace and friends to see what files/pipes etc are being opened and
> what your system is failing to provide
> alan
> On 3 Oct 2017 6:53 am, "Olivier" <Olivier.Nicole at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> One last question.
>> I would like to use syslog to log the activity of FreeRadius 3.0.15.
>> My radius server is running chrooted and nothing shows in syslog despite
>> I add a rule to log *.* in /var/log/all in syslog configuration.
>> How FreeRadius is accessing syslog? Through the Unix socket (and then I
>> need it in the chroot environment) of through the network stack?
>> The server is FreeBSD.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> olivier
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