DHCP with sqlipppool

Thore Kr├╝ss thore at scimeda.de
Thu Oct 5 11:58:41 CEST 2017

Good evening,
while trying to configure DHCP with Freeradius 3 (Debian Stretch) I'm facing a
few issues with the configuration.
First of all every IP which gets assigned has an individual Gateway. Is there a
more efficient way than doing something like this in the DHCP-Request section:
'&DHCP-Router-Address = %{sql:SELECT framedroute FROM radippool WHERE
callingstationid = '%{&DHCP-Client-Hardware-Address}' LIMIT 1}'

It just seems rather inefficient to have an additional query just for the route.
The setup is using an sqlippool on postgres using the schema from mods-config/..

The second issue I'm facing is the section 
dhcp DHCP-Lease-Query
as I haven't been able to find any documentation about it I'm a bit lost what it
should do, or what kind of information it needs.
Is it neccessary for a Wifi Environment? The part about dslams in the RFC is a
bit confusing in that matter.

Any help is really appreciated.

Best regards

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