Insufficient Space to Store Pair string

Arnab Roy arnabroy at
Mon Oct 9 16:24:19 CEST 2017

   Hi Alan,

   I was thinking the same "Don't log EAP-Message" , but not sure how I
   remove that attribute before logging , can I delete the EAP-Message
   attribute from linelog module somehow and log everything else. I think
   that will solve the problem.

   Many Thanks

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   Subject: Re: Insufficient Space to Store Pair string
   On Oct 8, 2017, at 6:10 PM, Arnab Roy <arnabroy at> wrote:
   > I am probably doing something wrong but, we have a requirement to log
   > all Input and output attributes following post auth. So we configured
   > linelog module and added
   > %{pairs:&request:} & %{pairs:&reply:}
   > Worked a treat with EAP-PEAP, however we enabled EAP-TLS and all the
   > attributes from the certificate is causing some out of memory
   > and get a error saying insufficient space to store pair string,
   > 2390 bytes available 2048 bytes.
   The linelog module has a hard-coded buffer of 2K. If you need more,
   either edit the source, or change your requirements.
   > Any other more efficient way of dealing with this so I can capture
   > entire value pair.
   Don't log EAP-Message. It's all encrypted SSL stuff, and has zero value
   to anyone.
   i.e. if your political requirements conflict with the technical
   limitations, reality should win.
   Alan DeKok.
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