logrotate question

Zenon Mousmoulas zmousm at noc.grnet.gr
Tue Oct 17 17:21:49 CEST 2017


a question about the logrotate script:

I understand that, upon SIGHUP, freeradius will reopen the main log file 
(radius.log). I also understand this does not extend to files written by 
linelog/detail modules; these need to be handled separately (with 
`radmin -e "hup xxx"'). However the logrotate script does not use such 
signalling, it rather opts for the copytruncate option. I wonder why 
that is the case. Is it the complexity of sending a signal to all 
modules (and all potential instances thereof)? Is it that, apart from 
re-opening the log file, SIGHUP will also cause the server to reload the 
(potentially broken) configuration? The copytruncate option avoids all 
that, but it is obviously slower/less efficient for rotating large log 
files. Or maybe is there a different reason behind this?


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