What proxy features does the freeradius server support?

work vlpl thework.vlpl at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 20:23:30 CEST 2017

I want to implement the following proxy scenario:

1. User send request with eap-ttls or eap-tls or peap-mschapv2.
2. Proxy freeradius server analyze this requeset
3. If username from these request has custom radius attribute which
determines whether the request should be sent to.
4. Send original or new request with the same type as original, to the
home server
5. If home server return Accept, Accept- user, if no - reject.

And I want to know is this possible or not ? If yes please give me
some example. The protocols are eap-tls; eap-ttls; peap-mschapv2;

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