Authorize all users, and use radius attributes

Andrés Gómez andres.gomez.ruiz at
Mon Oct 23 18:08:49 CEST 2017

Hi Alan.

  Configure SQL, and use the "sql" module in the "authorize" section.  If
> the user is found, then their attributes will be returned.  If the user
> isn't found, they will still be authorized by the "Auth-Type := Accept".

It's true. It worked great.

Now I have a last question. If the database stop working, every
authentication request will be aswered with "reject".
How can I set the configuration in order that if SQL database doesn't
response, use the users file configurateion?
I mean, If database fail, nevertheless answer "Accept" to every request as
is set in the users file?


*C. Andrés Gómez R.*

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