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> On Oct 25, 2017, at 10:20 AM, Fikais Ladislav <fikais at> wrote:
> >  I've migrated from FRv2 to 3.0.15 and there is a lot of "No EAP session
> > matching state..." messages and auth rejects. The strange thing is the 
> > first
> > request for some user is received with State attribute (which is wrong,
> > right?) so the FR doesn't know this session and sends reject.
>   Exactly.
> >  Full debug from about one minute is here:
> >
>   Use "radiusd -X".  All of the documentation says to do that

  If I do that it says:

raddb/sites-enabled/tls[7]: Threading must be enabled for TLS sockets to 
function properly
raddb/sites-enabled/tls[7]: You probably need to do 'radiusd -fxx -l stdout' 
for debugging

  This output was generated with "radiusd -fxxx -l stdout". Isn't it "same" 

> >  I know that after daemon reload the EAP sessions are lost but it works
> > this way even if it runs for hours...  Am I doing something wrong?
>   No.  The server should work.
>   99.999% of the time, the error shows up because the client and/or NAS / AP
> is broken.
>   There is nothing you can do to FreeRADIUS to fix the problem.

  I've FRv2 (+RadSecProxy) which works and if I replace it with the this new 
3.0.15 (w/o RadSecproxy, config from source), then local auth (WiFi 
controlers, subordinate FRs) works fine. Yes, there are a few "No EAP sess..." 
messages maybe like you are saying because something in WiFi network is 
broken/bad signal/etc. But the main problem is that it behaves like this (even 
worst - most requests are rejected) if the requests comes over radsec from 
Czech national eduroam server at CESNET (they are using Radiator). They're 
saying the problem is on my side...

  Isn't it possible there is something wrong in FRv3 radsec? Maybe some 
packets are lost? Is there a way to debug it? It's TCP so if there is some 
kind of network packet lost (which I think isn't) it shoud "survive", right?


>   Alan DeKok.
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