Setting internal attributes per client

Alan Buxey alan.buxey at
Mon Oct 30 11:25:29 CET 2017


> Looking at the code I didn’t find anything with “mygroup” or anything, and having a bit of a test, it looks like anything specified under a client section can be requested this way, whether it’s a permitted configuration or not. I can do:
> client blah {
>   hello = “test”
> }
> Then retrieve it with %{client:hello}.
> I presume this is by design? Can I use any arbitrary name here? (Of course, I’ll make it something specific to my installation, so there’s no conflict with future client parameters).
> The client Xlat looks very useful.

correct. anything that lives under client {} is isolated to %{client: }

but yes, be aware that any future standard addition could clash with
your word choice


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