substring matching problem : is there a length limit?

$witch a.spinella at
Wed Sep 6 16:41:32 CEST 2017

hi Alan and everybody,

>  Why not just use the features that come with the server?  

it sound a better way than the actual, will test it before to implement actual solution as production one.

>  I wouldn't recommend that.

surely have more details than me, will leave that untouched

>  Instead, please explain what that script does, 

really simple group-list query (based on

 for T in $(/usr/local/bin/wbinfo --user-domgroups `/usr/local/bin/wbinfo -n $1`) ; do /usr/local/bin/wbinfo -s $T | /usr/local/bin/perl -ne 'chomp and print'; done

> and why you need it to return, almost 100 group.  

have no control over it, 
the policies that allow an user to belong to a so wide pool of groups are outside my knowledge except for the fact that I can't change them. 

> I'm willing to bet that you can re-implement that
>  functionality in FreeRADIUS.

ok, will try from now, thank you.

Alessandro Spinella

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