Using freeradius, the system enters in an infinite loop

Ricardo Ruiz ricardo_ruiz_lopez at
Sun Sep 10 17:36:49 CEST 2017

Hello out there,
I am using freeradius2 in a raspberry pi3 with last version of LEDE and FreeRADIUS Version 2.2.9, and it happens something really weird, an infinite loop when a user tries to connect from a wifi hotspot.
After installing freeradius, I only change 2 things:
Add:ricardo  Cleartext-Password := “testing”to /etc/freeradius2/users
Comment out this# interface = br-lan from /etc/freeradius2/radiusd.conf
I test the radius server using:root at LEDE:/etc/freeradius2# echo "User-Name = ricardo, User-Password = testing" | radclient -x auth testing123
And it works:Sending Access-Request of id 28 to port 1812 User-Name = "ricardo" User-Password = "testing"rad_recv: Access-Accept packet from host port 1812, id=28, length=20

However, when I setup WPA 2 Enterprise in the LEDE router (the same with freeradius server) and a user tries to connect, this infinite loop happens:
No error or warning message when running radiusd -XXXHere the log:
I think it is not related with certificates, because I can see this in the log:Sun Sep 10 14:07:31 2017 : Info: [peap]     (other): SSL negotiation finished successfully
Apart from that, I have this package installed:freeradius2-democerts
And in the iPhone, it says that the expiration date is next year.
Do you have any idea or suggestion? Probably it is a small detail but I cannot see it.Thanks a lot for your time.

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