Multi-valued LDAP attribute configuration

Srinivasa R srinivasa.r at
Tue Sep 12 15:00:45 CEST 2017


I have installed FreeRADIUS server (Version 3.0.4) on Cent 7 OS and
configured the external authentication with 389-DS server using rlm_ldap
module. I would like to authenticate the mac address of all the user which
I have stored in LDAP. The macaddress field in LDAP is a multi value
attribute and the Freeraiud is communicating with LDAP without any issues,
but the freeradius is authenticating only the first macaddress value from
LDAP's multi value field.

I would like to configure the Freeradius to authenticate all the values
from multi value filed. Someone suggested that we can configure this using
rlm_python or rlm_perl module. I am not a coder and I am not able to find
any step by guide to configure the same. Could someone guide me on how to
configure the Freeradius to authenticate Multi-valued LDAP attribute?

Thank you in advance for your time and support.


Srinivas R

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