Upgrading from FreeRadius 2 to 3. Some pointers.

Matthew Newton mcn at freeradius.org
Thu Sep 21 10:07:38 CEST 2017

On 21 September 2017 08:53:33 BST, jan hugo prins <jhp at jhprins.org> wrote:
>The thing is that the "if" is not in the module config, but in the
>authorize section of the site.

Hmm, check your brackets to make sure they are all correct, e.g. you haven't accidentally put the 'if' inside an 'update' block.

>I need to select a ldap module based on the realm. In 2.x I could do
>this in the authorize section, in 3.x it is not possible anymore.

This hasn't changed between v2 and v3. Though v3 can be more strict and not allow some syntax errors that v2 did sometimes.

>Thu Sep 21 09:45:33 2017 : Debug: including configuration file
>Thu Sep 21 09:45:33 2017 : Error:
>Invalid location for 'if'

Could you send the contents of this file?

Are you maybe missing a 'server' block? See the sites-available/default in the v3 default config.


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