Check on ADSL-Agent-Remote-Id instead of username

Marijn van Gool marijn.vangool at
Wed Apr 11 16:53:47 CEST 2018

Hello freeradius,

We’ve been using freeradius for a couple of years now and have expanded to connectiong users via PPPoE.
Currently we give our customers a username and password whether they are authorized to connect.
We want to change this to ADSL-Agent-Remote-Id, an attribute we see in the Access-Request packet.

We are using this version of freeradius: 

root at server1:~# freeradius -v
freeradius: FreeRADIUS Version 2.1.12, for host x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, built on Aug 26 2015 at 14:47:03

We will upgrade to a version beyond 3.x.x soon.

I have been searching the web for this, but can’t find something other than modifying the scripts used by freeradius on its mysql backend.

Anyone who can help me in the right direction?

Met vriendelijke groet \ With kind regards,

Marijn van Gool

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