Check on ADSL-Agent-Remote-Id instead of username

Martin Pauly pauly at
Mon Apr 16 11:12:09 CEST 2018

Hi Marijn,
> Where do I find this?
> I would need some more guidance here to find the things you mean.
if you only have one server on your (presumably virtual) machine, it is called
and its config resides in
To call it to life, there's a symlink of the same name in
If this reminds you of an Apache config, you're right:

> I’ve got clients connecting via the Remote ID AND clients connecting with the username.
> How would I accomplish that? I need both to work.
> RIght, but eventually I need to return stuff like Framed-IP-Address and Framed-Netmask attributes back into the Access-Accept packet.
> All queries I find select these values based on the username.

Since you need both, Rene's suggestion might be the way to go:
Transfer the contents of ADSL-Agent-Remote-Id into User-Name,
and leave the "key" in [freeradius|raddb]/modules/files
as it is. To achieve this,  place an appropriate unlang
statement in config file mentioned above.
Looks like a good starting point.

Cheers, Martin

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