freeradius filter ldap groups

Juliano julianosilva at
Mon Apr 23 14:04:04 CEST 2018



I'm having trouble setting an authentication rule on freeradius. To better
contextualize my environment, I would like to explain that I have only one
freeradius server, one ldap server and two wireless networks (WEB-USERS and
WEB-ADMIN). It is also important to remember that each wifi network is
associated with a vlan, it´s 500 and 501 and your sub network
and, respectively

I need is that users of the users-wifi group only connect to the WEB-USERS
network and users of the other group, called admin-wifi, can only connect to
the WEB-ADMIN network.

I read that in the [...] / sites-enabled / default / file there is a section
called post-auth, in which I can do this filter. However I don´t haved
succeed with this filters. I would like your help in this situation.


Best Regards,

Juliano Aléssio da Silva


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