non default/custom ports not working with freeradius3 - Help needed

Matthew Newton mcn at
Fri Aug 3 12:47:46 CEST 2018

On Fri, 2018-08-03 at 08:13 +0530, Arun NP wrote:
> When we use a custom port for Authentication , it fails with the
> following error:

You've not configured it to listen in the right place, so the virtual
server it's using has no config.

Start with a default config.

Copy raddb/sites-available/default to raddb/sites-available/new

Edit raddb/sites-available/new and change

  - "server default {" to "server new {"

  - "port = 0" to "port = <whatever>" (four times - auth and acct)

Create a symlink raddb/sites-enabled/new -> ../sites-available/new


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