Accounting-Request packet shared secret fail

Kevin Virk Kevin.Virk at
Wed Aug 8 00:04:17 CEST 2018

I am having an issue with configuring my cisco switch to authenticate with freeradius. My secret is the same on both sides but I keep getting error that the shared secret is not correct. I did a tcpdump of the traffic and then opened in wireshark to see. The password is coming through encrypted as I would suspect. Could this encrypted password be the reason that I am not able to authenticate. Side note: Using wpa supplicant and eapol_test I was able to get a successful test. Only non success is this cisco switch.

ready to process requests.
rad_recv: Accounting-Request packet from host port 49181, id=0, length=97
Received Accounting-Request packet from client with invalid Request Authenticator!  (Shared secret is incorrect.) Dropping packet without response

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